Once students are tuned to the General Science Labs, and proceed to the Senior Classes, the specialized Biology, Chemistry and Physics labs do the same function, but, in much greater depth, since they are also designed to take care of the needs of the students for the Board Exams. Experiments in these labs are explained to and done by the students, with care given to intricate details of each of them, so that once imbibed, the details remain in the young minds for future times.

Computer and Digital Labs

We have a highly facilitated Computer and Digital Labs where the students learn and experience the latest technology and networking of computers. The students work on lasts software and database system like SQL server, Visual Basic, Flash 5, Microsoft office , Network system which helps them to face the real technical world. The student individually works on the system with an average of 400 hours in the year. The ratio of student on a system in primary and middle school is 1:2 and in high school 1:1. Additional projects will be allotted to every student to improvise subject knowledge in the coming academic session.

The Biology Lab

The Biology Laboratory of Morning Star High Secondary School is one of the fully equipped laboratories with all types of modern instruments whether it is the Simple or Compound Microscope or Small Projection microscope be it any sophisticated instrument. The Biology laboratory is full fledgedly supplied with all type of glass apparatus from simple test tube to bottle specimens of Botanical and Zoological objects, each student performs 100 hours on an average for a academic session in Biology lab. Their award-winning educational software line includes ‘The Geometer’s Sketchpad The leading math software.

The Physics lab

The Physics lab has all the perfection to make the crystal clear conception about the different branches of Physics such as Current Electricity, Magnetism, Ray Optics and Semiconductor Devices. Metre bridge, Ohms Law makes the student understand the distribution of current. Potentiometer experiments enables the student to study about the Emf and Internal Resistance of Cell. Each student performs 62 hours on an average for a academic session in the Physics lab.


Chemistry Lab



The lab is enriched with a good collection of various apparatus like chemical balance, pH Meter, Separating funnel, Gibbs apparatus and various important and expensive chemicals are included in it. All necessary infrastructures with number of charts and photographs of difficult processes and methodology have added feather to the department. each student performs 90 hours on an average for a academic session in the Chemistry lab.




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