morning Star School Ratlam

Principal Message

Mrs. Caroline Farnandes
(Principal CBSE Branch)

Principal : Mrs. Caroline Farnandes (CBSE Branch)

We aim at creating uniformity in the entire concerned field of the institution not only in facilitating and promoting a learning environment but abridging in relation between the learned and the learners and also to the emerging demands and challenges of education. In addition the suitable emanation of this proficiency and efficiency of the institution is also well balanced by the team of administration and official assistance to keep its pace in dealing and functioning with different types of reinforcement, multidimensional tools and concrete models to meet the growing needs of present and future.

Mrs.P. Angelin
(Principal MPBSE Branch)

Principal : Mrs.P. Angelin (MPBSE Branch)

The capacity to learn is a gift ,the ability to learn is a skill and the willingness to learn is a choice. Morning Star School is a place where the students can explore their knowledge in a creative way that paves a way for them to fight in the present competitive world. The learning process simplifies for the students in subjects like physics, chemistry and biology by the SMART classes which create a mental picture of the phenomena to be understood. The VIRTUAL LAB helps the students to visualise and understand the practical’s before performing them in the lab. It provides a key for them to perform the practical’s very easily. “People with a goal succeed because they know where there’re going.