• Create a happy and caring school environment in which children learn courtesy , good manners and consideration for others .

  • Assess student’s performance in terms of their learning skills, reading skills, spoken English , logical reasoning and thinking.

  • Provide a stimulating environment where the highest standards of work and behavior will be achieved so our students will be high achievers.

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of basic mathematical operations practically through lab work to make them real engineers and architects for a better tomorrow.

  • Teach the children to communicate effectively in English and Hindi language, enable them to interact at a professional level for the next challenge with their excellent communication skills.

  • Develop student’s abilities at a very high level, in various sporting activities to achieve professional skills in sports for the promotion of their career.

  • Encourage scientific temper and curiosity , improve children’s skill and knowledge in Science and Technological advancement.

  • A fine focus on developing students towards intelligence, self confidence , observation , thinking and logical reasoning.



Morning Star School

18 Retired colony

Ratlam (M.P.)

Ph:- 07412 406866


Morning Star Higher Secondary School

Indralok Nagar

Nayagoan,Ratlam (M.P.)

Ph:- 07412-406926, 98271-66267


Morning Star CBSE School

Jaora Road Gaurav Nagar

Near R.T.O Office Ratlam (M.P.)

Ph:- 9981168926, (07412) 260882



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